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Chiang Mai

Over the last few decades, Chiang Mai has turned from a quiet religious town with hundreds of Wats (Buddhist temples) into a vibing, sometimes overcrowded city, full of tourists coming from everywhere around the world. The richness of culture and the neighboring nature of the city attract millions of tourists each year. The loyal system of immigration makes it easy for almost any desirer to stay in the country for a crazy long period of time just on temporary visas.

Chiang Mai has developed a great infrastructure and amenities for the needs of those who travel here and decide to stay, especially as a working online expat. The city is full of digital nomads and as known the demand creates the supply, so many cafes, coworking spaces, hotels, and hostels opened to please the city’s guests.

  • Get to discover the mekka of digital nomads in Thailand
  • Go on an adventure in the jungles surrounding the city
  • Visit some of the hidden temples of the region

Enjoy the nightlife in the city from jazz clubs to cocktails bars

Discover Thailand on a budget with cost-conscious options

Good weather for most of the year

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