Whether you’re here for a week, a month, or even longer, Alt_ChiangMai is a super friendly and well-equipped living space for travelling professionals in the heart of Chiang Mai.

Bed, bathroom, boot rack. What else could you ask for? How about under-bed storage, fingerprint activated smart locks and a communal courtyard big enough for a cocktail party? Our rooms don’t have TVs, and your refrigerator is shared – but there’s a good reason why: You don’t develop when you’re locked away inside! Power nap your way to success or hit the sack for a 12-hour snooze fest. As an Alt_ChiangMai resident, we like to encourage members to live a little differently, but we think you’ll like it.

What does your daily routine look like? If you’re missing a shared experience with others, you’re in the wrong place. At Alt_ChiangMai, we put a heavy focus on natural and easy community collaboration, building creative shared spaces that allow residents to connect and stay inspired. Far from the computer screen, this is where the real magic really happens.

Whether it’s watching a TV show, cooking a fancy meal or exercising in the courtyard, your remote working lifestyle is no longer a solo act. Be inspired by new perspectives and rediscover your skills through sharing time and space with others every day.

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How it works

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