What is Rework?

We have created Rework for travelers like us who currently have to chose between exploring and remaining productive. There are endless choices when it comes to visiting the world but not many of them keep us connected to our path and to a community.

Our aim is for you to see the world, to go on your next big adventure and meet others while holding on to your career choices. Traveling and working should not be oxymoron anymore.

Rework is about continuing on your life journey, meeting new friends or life-partners and growing as a person. We have sorted out unique trips to Work, Rest and Play in top destinations across the world. You can trust us to be there with you along the way.

CEO David Zilberberg

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What makes us different?


We help you find the best places to stay and experience the world while benefiting from an expert team of travel nomads. We provide you with advices on visa or country specific requirements prior to your trip. While on location, our team is here to make sure that you are optimizing your time. We also facilitate connections by organizing events and conferences which all members can access through our destination calendar. Join the movement, join Rework.


Most work can now be completed from anywhere in the world and COVID has amplified the movement. Why then continue to pay an expensive rent in a crowded city which does not offer any excitement? We believe it should now be effortless to work in a safe and productive environment set for remote workers. We offer all the tools you need to live a fascinating life made of travels, connections and adventures. All of this with the flexibility of your own schedule and motivations.

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How it works

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